Andrea Koehler is a multi-disciplinary creative, specializing in graphic design, 3D/2D illustration, and motion graphics.
Brand & Visual Identity | Publication Design | Photo Retouching | Photo Manipulation | Merchandise Design | 2D Computer animation | 3D Animation | 3D Modeling & Rendering | Graphic Design | Photography | Digital Painting | Vector Illustration | Art & Creative Direction | Digital Publishing

Software Knowledge:
Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe InDesign | Adobe Lightroom Classic | Microsoft Office Suite
Autodesk Maya | Autodesk Arnold | Maxon Cinema 4D | Adobe After Effects | Luxion Keyshot

Adobe Premiere Pro | Pixelogic Zbrush | Adobe Substance | Redshift by Maxon

Andrea Koehler's resourcefulness and technical prowess serve as her foundation for constructing powerful graphics for digital and printed mediums. She believes compelling visual communication is achieved through thorough research, effective application of color theory, and the desire to break the mold.
Andrea's beginnings started with creating silly images online for fun after a long day of working two retail jobs. She would volunteer her budding artistic skills wherever she could, creating social media graphics and infographics to share and spread. Through this, she was able to land her first office job retouching photos for an e-commerce company. The small company setting allowed her to wear many different hats, including designing company logos and promotional materials.
Andrea then worked as the sole graphic designer for Boss Cheoreom, an e-commerce startup, where she designed and worked with manufacturers to produce accessories and stationery. Her work was incredibly influential in this niche, inspiring others to launch their stores. She has collaborated with Sub K Entertainment and Choice Music in designing on-brand merchandise for this community.
Though this journey allowed her to discover herself as a designer, Andrea felt there was more she wanted to learn. In 2019, she decided to attend Fullerton College to broaden her skill set. There, she fine-tuned her design talents and discovered a love for 3D modeling, digital publishing, and motion graphics. She has two independently published zines: Controversial Predator and Hue Toonz. Due to her exemplary work, Andrea was selected to be the creative director for the college’s magazine, Inside Fullerton.
With a passion for going above and beyond, Andrea aims to explore the possibilities of 3D art and graphic design. She believes the two can create impactful and engaging imagery using modern layouts and bold colors. Andrea’s design style is cutting edge and with a flare of spice. Her design influences include Bauhaus, Swiss Punk, and Russian Constructivism.
When she is not designing or building a new skill, Andrea loves to get wrapped up in Fantasy novels. She has a knack for making anyone laugh and always has an indie video game to recommend
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